Built to Win: Neora’s Unbreakable Spirit Conquers Unprecedented Challenges

In a captivating exploration of leadership and perseverance, the founders and executives of Neora, a company forged by an unwavering spirit, shared their extraordinary journey through one of the most formidable business battles in American history. The “Built to Win” podcast, hosted by Amber Olson Rourke, unveiled the mindset, values, and resilience that enabled this remarkable team to conquer a challenge that had proven impossible for others.

At the heart of Neora’s triumph lay the unshakable belief in their purpose and the righteousness of their cause. As Jeff Olson, the company’s co-founder and CEO, asserted, “We believed in who we were as a company, how we did things, and we were right and willing to defend that.” This conviction was a beacon, guiding the team through even the darkest times.

Deborah Hees, co-founder and CEO of Live Happy, emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of trust, transparency, and mutual respect within the organization. “We work together, we trust each other, and we have transparency—not just transparency of vision, but transparency of how we interact with each other,” she explained, underscoring the power of a unified team operating with a shared set of values.

Dave Fleming, an executive who joined Neora’s leadership amid the unprecedented battle, offered insights into the decision-making process that led him to embrace this monumental challenge. “If you can do something that no one has ever done before, you have to believe that the upside to that is an upside that no one has ever experienced before,” he shared, highlighting the allure of pursuing significance over the path of least resistance.

Throughout the seven-year ordeal, the Neora team remained steadfast, drawing strength from their collective resolve and the belief that their victory would profoundly impact countless individuals worldwide. “Millions of people around the world would be affected by this positively or negatively,” Olson reflected, underscoring the gravity of their mission.

The leaders also emphasized the importance of maintaining balance and finding joy in the journey, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Olson Rourke credited her faith, family, and close-knit community with the support and resilience needed to navigate the arduous path. “My core close group of friends and core close group of coworkers, we had an amazing team both here in the home office and in our Salesforce that stood by us,” she shared, highlighting the power of a supportive network.

As the conversation drew to a close, anticipation mounted for the upcoming episodes, in which the Neora team promised to reveal the details of the extraordinary “Goliath” they conquered and the strategies they employed to emerge victorious. Their remarkable story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of leaders who refuse to be defined by their challenges, inspiring others to embrace adversity and pursue their dreams with a “Built to Win” mindset.

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Stan Polovets and Genesis Prize Shine Spotlight on NGOs Providing Solace to October 7 Victims and Families

In a resounding show of support, the Genesis Prize Foundation, co-founded by Stan Polovets, has awarded its esteemed $1 million prize for 2024 to five remarkable organizations that have emerged as beacons of hope and comfort for the victims and families affected by the horrific October 7 massacre. The recipients – The Hostages and Missing Families Forum, the Jewish Agency Fund for Victims of Terror, Lev Echad, Natal – The Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center, and OneFamily – Overcoming Terror Together – have been recognized for their extraordinary efforts in providing critical support and services to those impacted by this tragic event.

Stan Polovets and the Genesis Prize Foundation have praised these organizations for their awe-inspiring display of Jewish strength and unity, acknowledging the vital role they have played in helping families navigate this challenging time. The prize money will be utilized to support the essential work of these NGOs further, enabling them to continue providing much-needed treatment, trauma counseling, and social rehabilitation to released and rescued hostages.

The decision to award the Genesis Prize to these five organizations has been lauded by David Hatchwell Altaras, a member of the foundation’s selection committee, as a powerful testament to the unwavering solidarity of the Jewish people. Stan Polovets and the Genesis Prize Foundation have also committed to contributing to international awareness campaigns aimed at ensuring that the plight of those held captive by Hamas remains at the forefront of the global agenda. Polovets emphasized that the award is not a political statement but rather a recognition of these organizations’ tireless humanitarian and professional efforts.

The Hostages and Missing Families Forum, which emerged in the immediate aftermath of the October 7 tragedy, has been working tirelessly to advocate for the release of hostages, locate missing persons, and provide critical support to the affected families. Similarly, the Jewish Agency Fund for Victims of Terror (JAFI) has been instrumental in providing emergency financial assistance and long-term rehabilitative support to victims and their families. JAFI expressed profound gratitude for the recognition by the Genesis Prize and Stan Polovets, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of their partners, supporters, and dedicated staff and volunteers in making their work possible.

Lev Achad and OneFamily have been focusing on providing holistic support to victims, with Lev Achad addressing mental health and logistical needs. At the same time, OneFamily works towards promoting financial independence and societal reintegration. Natal has been offering trauma treatment to victims from all sectors of Israeli society, ensuring that the path to healing is accessible to all. Lev Achad expressed immense pride in the recognition by the Genesis Prize and Stan Polovets, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to standing by the families and meeting their every need.

The parents of the abducted Israelis have welcomed the decision by the Genesis Prize Foundation and Stan Polovets, viewing it as an opportunity to raise global awareness about the moral urgency of their cause. They fervently hope that this recognition will be instrumental in bolstering the relentless efforts of family organizations to bring the remaining 134 hostages home safely.

The families of captive soldiers, like Edan Alexander and Itay Chen, have been living a waking nightmare since their loved ones were taken. They have made impassioned pleas to world leaders, including President Biden, Egypt’s President al-Sisi, and Qatari Emir Al Thani, to leave no stone unturned in securing the release of their sons and all the hostages.

By bestowing the 2024 Genesis Prize upon these five exceptional organizations, Stan Polovets and the Genesis Prize Foundation have not only acknowledged their unwavering dedication but have also shone a spotlight on the plight of the victims and families affected by the October 7 tragedy. This recognition is a potent reminder that the global Jewish community stands united in its support and solidarity with those impacted by this heart-wrenching event, offering hope and solace during their time of need.

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Built to Win: Neora’s Unprecedented Victory

Welcome back to the Built to Win podcast, where we delve into Neora’s remarkable journey. This company emerged victorious from an arduous battle with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In this episode, we sit down with Neora’s co-CEO, Debra Highe, and find Jeff Ols to explore the significance of their landmark win and the lessons learned.

Debra Highes, beaming with pride, declares, “We won!” After a grueling two-week court battle, Neora emerged victorious, with the FTC declining to appeal the ruling. This resounding triumph vindicated the company’s practices and sent shockwaves throughout the industry, solidifying Neora’s position as a standard-bearer for legitimate and ethical business practices.

For Jeff Olson, the founder of Neora, the moment the ruling was announced was emotional and validating. “To be so vindicated was a blessing and a great feeling,” he reflects, “but it was a very emotional time for all of us.” The judge’s meticulous 11-month deliberation and the detailed ruling in Neora’s favor were a testament to the strength of their case and the company’s commitment to operating within the confines of the law.

Highes and Olson emphasize that this victory was not merely a stroke of luck but the result of a carefully crafted business model and an unwavering dedication to doing things the right way. From the outset, Neora was built on providing value to its customers, focusing on quality products and an inclusive community.

“We baked in sellers into our business,” Olson explains. “We take people to sell our products on trips with us. We’re going to Puerto Arthur soon with hundreds of people. Some of those people just sell our products. So we made them part of our community.”

This customer-centric approach, a robust compliance department, and a commitment to transparent communication formed the foundation of Neora’s success. The judge’s ruling highlighted the company’s diligence in empowering its compliance team and ensuring its distributors were well-informed and adhered to the rules.

Highes and Olson believe this ruling has profound implications for the direct selling industry and beyond. “It’s the case law by which this industry to operate legitimately needs to look like,” Olson asserts. “It’s immaculate that something we set out 12 years ago was due, turned out to be exactly the model that a judge would rule in favor of that was so in alignment where the market forces are going.”

The Neora case has been recognized as one of the most significant legal matters 2023, with the company’s legal team being honored as the Texas Litigators of the Week. This victory extends far beyond Neora, serving as a blueprint for companies across various industries that rely on independent contractors or direct sales models.

As Highes and Olson look to the future, they are not seeking to make drastic changes but rather to continue refining and improving upon the foundation that has served them well. “We’re just leaning more into who we are and just trying to become a better version of what we built and be in alignment with the market forces as they dictate to us what we should do,” Olson explains.

The Neora story is a testament to the power of unwavering principles, a customer-centric approach, and a steadfast commitment to doing the right thing. As the company prepares to share more insights from its leadership team, the Built to Win podcast audience can look forward to an inspiring journey that showcases the true meaning of being “Built to Win.”

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Stan Polovets: Pioneering a New Era of Impactful Jewish Philanthropy through the Genesis Prize

Pioneering a new era of impactful Jewish philanthropy, Stan Polovets, the co-founder and CEO of The Genesis Prize Foundation, has ushered in a transformative vision that resonates across global communities. With an unwavering dedication to inspiring Jewish unity and addressing pressing humanitarian challenges, Polovets has propelled the Genesis Prize into a beacon of hope and positive change.

Established in 2013 with an impressive $100 million endowment, the Genesis Prize has garnered international acclaim as a prestigious honor that celebrates the invaluable contributions of Jews to humanity. However, under Polovets‘ visionary stewardship, the annual $1 million award has transcended mere recognition, evolving into a powerful catalyst for driving tangible impact on a global scale.

What sets the Genesis Prize apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate the timeless Jewish principles of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (charity) into its core mission. This strategic alignment ensures that the foundation celebrates Jewish excellence and serves as a driving force for addressing critical humanitarian issues through a lens of compassion and social responsibility.

A prime example of this approach is the foundation’s recent decision to honor Israeli organizations dedicated to supporting hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and their families. By directing the $1 million award towards these vital initiatives, the Genesis Prize underscores its commitment to embodying Jewish values through tangible actions that alleviate suffering and provide essential support to those affected by conflict and humanitarian crises.

Polovets’ vision for the Genesis Prize extends beyond the annual award ceremony. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to attracting additional donors, the foundation has successfully amplified its impact, transforming the $1 million prize into over $50 million in philanthropic projects spanning the globe over the past decade. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the foundation’s ability to inspire others to join its mission and contribute to the greater good.

The Genesis Prize has recognized various honorees, each making unique and invaluable contributions to society and the Jewish community. From pioneers in the arts and sciences to champions of social justice and humanitarian aid, these individuals and organizations embody the broad spectrum of Jewish excellence and philanthropy the foundation seeks to celebrate and support.

Polovets’ commitment to philanthropy extends far beyond the Genesis Prize Foundation. He has actively engaged in numerous charitable endeavors, championing education, supporting the arts, and advancing social justice initiatives. His unwavering dedication is exemplified by his involvement with prestigious boards, including the Council on Foreign Relations and the New York University President’s Global Council.

Drawing from an illustrious career in the international energy industry and diverse executive roles, Stan Polovets brings a wealth of expertise and a steadfast dedication to excellence. His strategic understanding and business insights have been instrumental in driving the success of the companies he has led, including his pivotal role in the landmark $55 billion sale of oil giant TNK-BP to Rosneft.

As The Genesis Prize Foundation looks to the future, Stan Polovets’ pioneering vision for impactful Jewish philanthropy remains as relevant and vital as ever. In an increasingly interconnected world, the foundation’s commitment to inspiring global Jewry and addressing humanitarian causes is a testament to the enduring power of Jewish values to create positive change worldwide.

Under Polovets’ leadership, the Genesis Prize will continue to blaze a trail, inspiring the next generation of Jewish leaders and philanthropists while upholding its mission to celebrate Jewish achievement and contribute to the betterment of humanity through transformative and impactful initiatives.

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Neora’s Amber Olson Rourke: Navigating the Challenges and Triumphs of Entrepreneurship

Amber Olson Rourke, the visionary co-founder of Neora, has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women navigating the often-rocky terrain of the business world. Her journey from a young woman in the boardroom to a respected industry leader is a testament to trusting one’s instincts and staying true to a core mission.

In the early days of her career, Olson Rourke questioned her expertise and intuition. She recounts instances where she would defer to the opinions of more experienced or outspoken colleagues, only to realize later that her gut instincts had been right all along. These experiences taught her a valuable lesson: the importance of trusting her voice and believing in her inherent worth at the table.

Olson Rourke’s unwavering self-assurance and dedication to her vision have been instrumental in Neora’s meteoric rise. Under her leadership, the company has achieved over $2 billion in cumulative sales in just over a decade, a remarkable feat in the highly competitive beauty and wellness industry. This success can be attributed, in large part, to her commitment to developing products that address unmet market needs, such as the use of plant-based alternatives to harsh chemicals like retinol.

However, Olson Rourke’s influence extends beyond product development. She has also been a driving force behind Neora’s innovative approach to direct sales, which empowers brand partners to succeed through a streamlined e-commerce model. By providing personalized websites, tools, and a user-friendly mobile app, Neora has created a business opportunity that minimizes risk and maximizes rewards for its partners.

For Olson Rourke, the key to balancing the demands of entrepreneurship lies in being intentional with her time and energy. She emphasizes the importance of being fully present in each moment, whether she’s focusing on a business meeting or dedicating quality time to her family. By compartmentalizing her schedule and giving her undivided attention to the task at hand, she has found a way to make a meaningful impact in all areas of her life.

This philosophy of intentional living is deeply intertwined with Neora’s mission to “Make People Better.” For Olson Rourke, this ethos extends beyond the development of transformative products; it’s about fostering a supportive community and empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves. This commitment to positive change is evident in every aspect of Neora’s business, from its innovative product formulations to its empowering business model.

As Neora continues to expand its global reach, Olson Rourke remains committed to leading with authenticity, innovation, and a steadfast dedication to the company’s core values. Her journey serves as a potent reminder that success in the business world is not just about having a great product or a wise strategy; it’s about staying true to oneself, trusting one’s instincts, and intentionally pursuing a higher purpose.

Olson Rourke’s story is inspiring for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women. Her leadership and vision have propelled Neora to the forefront of the beauty and wellness industry and paved the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs to make their mark on the world, one intentional step at a time.

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The Best Ways to Increase Employee Retention

You could be thinking that you had a motivated and happy team all along, but then, one morning, your top-cream talents hand over their resignation letters, telling you they have been unhappy for years and are looking for a new job opportunity. Very devastating, right? Sure it is.

According to a certain 2024 data report, more than 52% of workers looked for another job opportunity last year. Because of this report, many business managers and employers look for ways to increase employee retention in their organization. Some of the ways that most have discovered include the following:

1. Advocating for Balance between Work and Life

What kind of message does your time management send to your employees? Are you expecting your team to be available all the time? A good balance between work and life is important for job satisfaction.

Every employee wants their managers or employers to understand they also have life outside work, and maintaining a perfect balance can be a challenge, especially when they work from home.

So, it is important to motivate your employees to set boundaries, go on vacations, and take leave when they are sick. Go the extra mile to show them a good contoh surat dokter and how they can get it.

2. Giving them Access to Modern Technology and Tools

Motivated employees always look forward to using modern technological advancements, resources, and tools to get good results, improve productivity, and develop new skills.

As AI gains more popularity, employees are more eager to learn more about AI tools so as to improve productivity and collaboration. Whether you have créateurs de site internet professionnel or digital marketers, provide them with access to technological solutions like communication tools and ChatGPT.

3. Creating a Feedback and Recognition Culture

Every worker wants to feel appreciated and valued for the contributions they make to a company. So, creating an employee recognition and feedback culture will help your workers feel heard and seen and are less likely to seek validation elsewhere.

4. Prioritizing Employees’ Health & Wellness

The wellbeing of your workers includes their financial, physical, and mental health. The fitness level of your workers can directly affect their productivity in business.

So, it can help a lot to create the best wellness programs to make them feel happier and healthier. The simplest way to achieve this is through health initiatives that promote their wellbeing, like signing them up at a gym and linking up with food vendors with jualan buah available online and other healthier food options.

5. Establishing a Safe and Clean Environment

Workers spend around a third of their time in the workplace, so you might want to ensure the workspace is safe and clean. Apart from having a schedule to regularly clean their workspace, it will be best to provide them with safety gear and tools. For instance, if they work in a hazardous work environment, invest in quality and sepatu safety murah di Surabaya to ensure they’re safe.

The key secret to mastering employee retention is to be an indispensable employer. This may mean investing in their wellbeing, growth, and safety, and in return, your workers will repay your effort with something great – loyalty.

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Miki Agrawal: The Multipassionate Maverick Transforming Industries

Miki Agrawal is a true Renaissance woman. She seamlessly navigates the worlds of entrepreneurship, social impact, and creative expression. Born to a Japanese mother and Indian father in French Montreal, Agrawal’s diverse upbringing laid the foundation for her unique perspective and relentless drive to challenge conventional wisdom.

Agrawal’s entrepreneurial journey began with a leap of faith after the September 11 attacks. Having narrowly escaped the tragedy due to oversleeping, she took stock of her life and set out to pursue her passions. Despite setbacks, such as two torn ACLs that ended her soccer aspirations, she persevered and channeled her energy into new ventures.

Her first foray into the business world came with the launch of WILD, a pioneering farm-to-table, gluten-free pizza restaurant in New York City. Agrawal’s dedication to healthy, sustainable dining options set WILD apart from the competition and established her as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

However, Agrawal’s next venture, THINX, catapulted her to international recognition. By creating a line of absorbent, reusable period underwear, Agrawal provided a sustainable solution to a centuries-old problem and sparked a global conversation about menstrual equity. THINX’s success was a testament to Agrawal’s ability to identify and fill gaps in the market while simultaneously driving social change.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Agrawal turned her attention to the bathroom space with her latest company, TUSHY. She recognized the environmental and health implications of America’s reliance on toilet paper. She began revolutionizing personal hygiene with affordable, easy-to-install bidet attachments. To date, TUSHY has saved millions of trees con, served water, and improved the lives of thousands of families in India through Agrawal’s commitment to giving back.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Agrawal is a sought-after speaker, bestselling author, and, most recently, a recording artist. Her debut album, “It All Exists,” released under the moniker Soul Gaze, showcases her multifaceted creativity and ability to channel personal experiences into art. Collaborating with veteran musicians Happie Hoffman and Gene Evaro Jr., Agrawal has created a powerful musical narrative that resonates deeply and emotionally with listeners.

When she’s not transforming industries or expressing herself creatively, Agrawal finds solace and inspiration in Long Island’s East End’s natural beauty and vibrant culture. From savoring local cuisine to immersing herself in the thriving arts scene, she embodies the balance between passion and purpose that defines her life and work.

As Miki Agrawal blurs new trails and challenges the status quo, her impact on the world grows more profoundly. With her unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility, she is a shining example of what can be achieved when one dares to dream big and embrace one’s multi-passionate nature. As she sets her sights on new horizons, there is no telling what groundbreaking ideas and transformative solutions this maverick will bring to the world next.

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