April 2017


Automotive Warning Lights – Scrap a Useless System

Recent discussions within the automotive press have railed around the uselessness from the check engine light or known as to have an outright ban from the light.

They are onto something. You probably know this. The check engine light with no connected fault code or codes states nothing. However, in reality, the whole warning and indicator light system is affected with the identical problem:

What’s an oil light with no gauge?

Exactly what is a charging system light with no volt meter?

What’s an ABS light with no fault code?

What’s the a large number of other lights without more details?

Obviously, fault codes, gauges and meters are just useful to individuals having the ability to interpret them, the supply of the ‘idiot light’ system to begin with. However the plain truth is that today’s vehicles possess the capacity to show not just an indication light and fault code, but additionally a reason of what’s really wrong in plain language And just what must be done at that time:

Can the vehicle be driven underneath the condition?

Will the vehicle have to be towed?

What is the REAL danger of losing control?

Etc., etc., etc.

Regrettably, i am not suggesting that any manufacturer will step-up and risk giving more in depth information to put people from liability fears. However the system because it exists now runs the actual chance of needlessly frightening motorists using the circus of indicator and warning lights that may appear in the drop of the gas cap. And often two and three lights at any given time.

Further, with 20, 30 and much more indicators on instrument panels today, can there be not really a chance of saturation? Just when was enough enough? Every new system put into an automobile is met with a brand new indicator as well as acronym that, regardless of the best industry efforts, remain a mysterious towards the average driver. Seriously, most motorists want to get the children to college and obtain themselves for their jobs. They aren’t vehicle people and just must much on their own plate because it is.

Even experienced service personnel need to search their memory banks to properly find out the concept of a few of the more obscure acronyms (AFS doesn’t begin with ‘Automatic’… ). If the industry expect more from motorists?

Seriously, before someone freaks out driving let us stop tossing new lights at each new vehicle add-on and think about some alternatives. At the minimum, new and existing lights ought to be supported by real and helpful information.

And also, since motorists shouldn’t be studying while driving, what about getting the automobile speak with the motive force by voice? With the discussion surrounding driver distraction and also the integration of Siri along with other voice command software in infotainment systems, we’re not to date out of this ‘Eyes Free’ solution. It’s somewhat left, within the instrument panel…

Additional Studying: Automotive News (Nick Bunkley) and Jalopnik (Jason Torchinsky).

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