October 2021


Best Boxing Equipment

Boxing is a sport that has evolved in years, attracting millions of fans worldwide. The sport accumulates more fans; it is being viewed as brute strength. But the true essence of boxing is a skill and not muscle. Another factor to consider for a fighter to win a match without considering his strength is buying and owning good equipment.

However, there is that equipment for fighting and others for training, so a fighter must differentiate between the two. There a lot of equipment’s for boxing in the market from different companies. It is required for any fighter to read more on equipment they want to get. Some of the equipment is explained below.

Boxing Gloves

There are different varieties of boxing gloves on the market. It is best for the fighter to know the right size, according to their body weight and the weight of the glove that suits them perfectly. Boxing gloves are the essential equipment in boxing needed by any boxer, and they provide ultimate protection to your metacarpal bones. The gloves not only protect the metacarpal bones but also soften the impact of a knock when you hit your opponent, reducing the risk of cuts.

There are diverse types of gloves, and each of them plays a specific role. There are gloves used for training, sparring, and fighting, and each of them is different from another. The training gloves have more padding than the sparring gloves and the fighting gloves. The sparring gloves protect both you and your sparring partner; hence they have more padding than the fighting gloves. The gloves are selected with weight which is expressed in ounces. While training, you may be using between 10-14Oz gloves, and for fighting, you can transit to 8Oz gloves.


Protective Equipment

The protective equipment plays a fundamental role in protecting the boxer while They are training or fighting. They also protect them from mechanical damage and cover some of the delicate parts of the body when an opponent hits you with a crucial punch. The protective equipment includes; Head guard, Mouthguard, Hand wraps, Support cup, and boxing shoes. Each of the following equipment protects the boxer from different damages, either in fighting or while training.

Boxing head guards are essential items when taking part in boxing matches and competitions. The head guard is aimed to protect the face and the skull reducing the force and damage your opponent can cause when knocks you. The heard guards also protect you from diseases like memory loss, motor disabilities, or nose fractures that result from shocks your body gets following a series of knocks and punches from your opponent.

Mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth, mouth, tongue, and jaw from your opponent’s punches. It is recommended to buy the right size mouthguard that fits you. The hand wraps provide wrist protection while the support cup protects the male reproductive system from unintentional knocks from the opponent. Boxing shoes are essentials because they provide a grip on the surface while practicing or fighting. The boxing shoes are light hence allowing quick movements and agility. The shoes also allow sweat to evaporate quickly, and the inside is kept dry.

Bunching bag

Punching bags are an essential item in boxing when a fighter train is said to be the best friend. When hitting a punching bag helps you improve your boxing technique. There are two types of punching bags: a Hanging punching bag and a free-standing punching bag. The punching bag improves eye coordination, balance, and stability. It also helps one to reduce stress while hitting the punching bag hence increasing strength and power.



Speed bags are one of the equipment that are designed to help boxers to improve their boxing skills. Some of the gains of using a speed bag are hand-eye coordination, increase punching speed, mental focus, improve shoulder and arm strength, improve stamina and accuracy. The speed bag is usually filled with air and fitted around a tight leather material.

Boxing ring

Boxing ring is an important equipment for any boxer to have while training before going to boxing competition. It helps the competitor experience the ring and gets used to it before going to a contest. In contrast, training in a ring one can improve agility and balance before entering a real fight ring. The ring can help you maintain focus, clear your mind relieving stress, and maintaining low pressure in the ring.

In conclusion,

Boxing equipment help contenders to improve their boxing skills as they practice and where them. It is evident that equipment like; Boxing gloves, head guard, mouth guard, and support cup has helped boxers protect themselves from crucial damages when fighting. Also, equipment like; Punching bags, speed bags, and boxing rings has helped the fighters improve their techniques. Boxing equipment is expected to broaden in the future, giving a better experience in boxing.

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Confessions of a webcam model: “This profession makes me feel 10 years younger”

A non-adult webcam model who preferred to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons, shared her thoughts on this profession that is quite misunderstood by people outside it, and even by those who want to begin a career in this field. We present her point of view below, hoping that it will help you make the best decision for your future. If you decide to change your life and enter online modeling, you should know on what premises you start, and what to expect, at least in the first months, when you get used both to your colleagues, as well as your members.

“Usually, when women fall in love, they tend to forget that love goes through the stomach. I used to be the same when I was 30 and I found myself in a very difficult situation: with a child to raise and an unemployed husband. As you all know, raising a child is very difficult and expensive, therefore we needed money quickly. However, since I lacked any relevant experience, I couldn’t find work anywhere and I was becoming more and more desperate. When I was a student, I used to have fun, then I got married and I had a child, so I had no time to gain experience”, said the webcam model working for Studio 20 –, the biggest and most successful non-adult cam agency in the world.

“The decision to become a webcam model seemed weird at first. Even though I was only 30, I felt like 40 because most of my colleagues were younger. I always thought that this is a profession for younger girls who are in their 20s, therefore I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle this career. I scheduled numerous interviews with different agencies, but I canceled them at the last minute because I got scared. However, something made me trust Studio 20 and, to my luck, I was accepted to work with them”, she said.

“Here, I met extraordinary people, who showed me warmth and understanding from the first minute. At first, I wasn’t really self-confident, but my colleagues made sure I was aware of my qualities and gave me useful tips & tricks to become a top non-adult webcam model. Their support, as well as the fact that I had a working schedule for the first time in many years, reminded me of my purpose in life and made me fight for it. I can’t describe the feeling of satisfaction I get from this professional activity, and I can say that now I don’t feel 40 anymore, I feel 20! I am very grateful to the people around me and I hope that, when I won’t be able to be a cam girl, I will offer my experience to beginners, as a trainer or studio manager”, she added.

In conclusion, age is just a number when it comes to webcam modeling, especially the non-adult one. And, if you are lucky enough to join a professional studio, you won’t have any problems integrating and getting along with your members, colleagues, and, most importantly, members.

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