University of Phoenix Advises on How to Dress for Success in the Modern Workplace

People all over the world have conformed to workplace attire expectations for years. But recent times have seen a shake up in these dress codes for many businesses. From the rise of casual clothing for remote work to the wider acceptance and embracing of gender-neutral clothing, many individuals now have more freedom over how they dress for work, whether their roles are remote, in house or hybrid.

One of University of Phoenix’s careers advisors, Carla Hunter, NCC, BCC, CCC, has shared her tips for dressing for success in the modern workplace on the University’s blog. She advises employees to dress for the job that they want and the job that they have, reminding them that they should feel both comfortable and empowered in the clothes they select.

Here, we’ll delve into Hunter’s advice, explaining that industry, environment, generation and gender can all impact dress codes.

Evolution From Professional to Casual Workwear

Casual workwear became prominent during the 1990’s, when “casual Fridays” or “jeans Fridays” became popular. When employers realized that casual wear didn’t typically impact productivity, many relaxed their workplace dress codes beyond the end of the working week.

A couple of decades later, the COVID-19 lockdowns and work-from-home lifestyle heightened this approach, making workwear yet more casual for many. As a result, “business casual” is a popular option for lots of workplaces today. While this approach isn’t always suitable for C-suites, many office workers (especially those who work in remote or hybrid set ups) are embracing power casual or work leisure wardrobes. And those who are permanently remote may still opt for business on top and pajamas below.

A Culture of Individuality

Along with this growing emergence of casual workwear, now many offices welcome a blend of Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation Xers to the workplace. Some companies have seen a higher volume of young people entering the workforce in light of the Great Resignation, which saw many Baby Boomers leave the workforce while younger generations sought better benefits in new roles. Given this mixture of generations, especially younger generations, a culture of individuality has emerged in the workplace to accommodate workwear.

Generational perspectives on workwear are quickly reshaping what work attire looks like in the modern working world. From tattoos and piercings to statement t-shirts and ripped jeans, wearing clothes that represent their authentic selves is more the norm for younger generations than it has been before. As a result, corporate dress codes are gradually fading in many organizations.

While some traditional companies uphold their old workwear expectations, many companies that have launched in the last decade have more contemporary workwear expectations. These businesses, which are often tech companies and remote-work set ups, often attract younger employees.

Furthermore, as many workplaces let go of outdated gender-specific workwear codes, gender-neutral workwear guidelines are becoming a new norm. Business casual once meant jeans for men and skirts or dress pants for women. But the modern approach of simply dressing as ourselves has replaced these gender-specific limitations in many organizations. More than ever before, people are dressing for who they are rather than dressing to meet expectations.

Professional Clothing and Productivity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some employers relaxed dress code rules for their remote teams. Others implemented telecommuter dress codes. The Society for Human Resource Management reported that individuals who dressed according to these codes, often in smart casual, business casual or business professional wear, recorded higher levels of productivity than workers who dressed in pajamas or gym clothes.

Similarly, Forbes has suggested that a professional dress code should ask employees to:

  1. Be as professional as they can in whatever style they choose
  2. Be themselves by dressing in the colors and styles that suit them
  3. Dress in a style that befits their industry

These three dress code requirements set a workwear boundary while allowing individuals to dress in ways that please them.

Balancing Employee and Employer Workwear Preferences

Appealing to workers, whether through workwear or otherwise, is now more important than ever for many employers. To put this into perspective, University of Phoenix’s 2022 Career Optimism Index®, which surveyed over 5,000 American adults and 500 employers about their career experiences, found that nearly 1 in 3 employees would leave their job without having another lined up.

Similarly, 33 percent of respondents in a Randstad survey said that they would quit their job or turn down a job offer if the employer required them to follow a conservative dress code.

While dress codes are changing and are now often relaxed and employee-centric, wearing formal or business work attire is often particularly important when clients or stakeholders visit a workplace. In this case, many employers uphold stricter rules on the kinds of clothing that employees should wear on these occasions.

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About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix dedicates itself to advancing adult and nontraditional learners’ educational goals and to helping students select degree programs that best suit their interests. The University’s degree programs can lead onto numerous in-demand career paths including cybersecurity, nursing and business. Meanwhile, the University offers flexible start dates, online classes and numerous scholarship opportunities so anyone to earn the degree they desire. In addition, University of Phoenix offers a Career Services for Life® commitment to active students and graduates provides the resources needed to be prepared when entering the workforce for no additional charge. This covers resume and interview support, career guidance, and education and networking opportunities. For more information, visit

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How to Choose a Bike for Your Child

Teaching your child to ride a bike from a young age has many benefits. For starters, children absolutely love the freedom of being able to ride a bike. It allows them to explore with confidence and promotes independence. Furthermore, cycling is great for both mental and physical health and will also improve their coordination and motor skills.

If you are choosing a bike for your child, it is important to look for one that is made from good quality materials that will ensure the comfort and safety of your child. The experts at children’s bike manufacturer Woom say that a lightweight bike for kids is the best option as it will be easier for kids to ride as it is built specifically for children.

What to Consider When Buying Your Child a Bike

It is important to choose a bike that your child will be able to hold and maneuver. This is where lightweight kids’ bikes come into their own. Look for a bike with an aluminum frame rather than one made from heavier metal as your child may struggle to control a heavier bike.

The design of the bike is something to consider too. Whether you are buying your child a balance bike or something a bit bigger, look for a bike that is easy to step on and off from.

The age and height of your child are important considerations when buying a bike as well. Most bike retailers will have a chart that you can use to find the most suitable bike for your child. As long as you have their age and height, you can find a bike that is the right size. However, it is not just the size of the bike that is important, especially as your child gets older. You also need to think about the type of cycling that your child is likely to be doing and then choose the most appropriate bike for this.

What this means is that there is no point in buying a road bike if your child is likely to spend most of their time on a BMX track or traversing muddy mountain trails, and vice versa.

If your child is young and you are buying their first bike, stay away from bikes with gears because these can be confusing. Gears are important when you are riding different terrain and need a bit of help in terms of how fast you need to move the pedals. So, if you are cycling up a hill, you might want to use a lower gear so that you don’t have to push so hard on the pedals. If you are cycling on a flat surface, then you can move to a higher gear so that the pedals are not spinning so fast, and you need to put a bit more force on them. For children just learning to ride or those who do not spend much time cycling up hills, gears are unnecessary and often confusing. Plus, they make the bike heavier and harder to control.

Protection is Important

When you have bought a bike for your child, never forget to buy protective gear as well. As well as a helmet, you should look for some knee and elbow padding because kids tend to fall from their bikes quite a bit when they are learning. Furthermore, make sure your child’s bike is fitted with a bell and that it has lights. You should also consider reflective taping for your child’s clothing or a high vis vest so that they are always visible when out on their new bike.

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Carbon: The basis of organic chemistry

Carbon is an element with atomic number 6 and symbol C. It belongs to the 14th group in the periodic table. The ground state electronic configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p2. Acquiring an inert gas configuration requires achieving four electrons. Most carbon compounds are poor conductors of electricity because of the lack of free electrons and free ions.

Carbon got its name from the Latin word ‘carbo’, which means ‘coal’. Carbon and its compounds are widely distributed in nature. Free carbons are found in big reservoirs like hard coal amorphous form. Pure carbon is in the form of diamond and graphite.

Allotropes of carbon

 The phenomenon in which the element exists in two or more different physical states with similar chemical properties is called Allotropy. Carbon has several allotropes or various forms in which it exists. They are listed below.

  • Diamond: It is an allotrope of carbon in which the atom is with four other atoms of carbon by a covalent bond forming three-dimensional structures. It is a bad conductor of electricity, thus acts as an insulator. Diamond is used as jewellery and also used to drill pits.
  • Graphite: This form of carbon is a good conductor of electricity that has bonded to three other carbon atoms. It is tough enough to use in a nuclear reactor as much energy is required to break the covalent bond. Graphite is mainly used in the pencil leads.
  • Buckminster Fullerene: This form of carbon comprises 60 carbon atoms joined together to form spherical molecules. It is dark solid at room temperature. It is also known as buckyballs. The intermolecular forces are weak in fullerenes and thus have a low melting point.

 Allotropes of carbon are not limited to diamond and graphite but also include buckyballs (fullerenes), amorphous carbon, glassy carbon, carbon nanoform, nanotubes, etc.

Oxides of Carbon

Carbon monoxide is the most superficial carbon oxide, consisting of one carbon atom bonded to an oxygen atom. It is highly toxic. Carbon dioxide is a non-combustible and non-toxic gas having no colour and odour. When it comes to the CO2 structure, carbon dioxide is made up of two types of atoms: Carbon and Oxygen. Carbon is in the central position as it is the least electronegative atom and oxygen at terminals.

Carbon Monoxide

  • Carbon monoxide is composed of one carbon and one oxygen atom. It is a colourless, tasteless gas that is slightly lighter than air and very toxic to living organisms.
  • The primary source of carbon monoxide is the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.
  • Carbon monoxide is prepared by burning carbon with oxygen in a limited supply of air.

2C + O2 → 2CO

  • It is used as a reducing agent in the metallurgical process.
  • It is often used in the preparation of poisonous gas.

Carbon dioxide

  • Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring carbon compound with one carbon and two oxygen attached covalently.
  • It is a colourless odourless gas under normal conditions.
  • It is the essential gas on the earth for plants to help in the process of photosynthesis.
  • Solid CO2 is known as dry ice.
  • Carbon dioxide has an SP hybridisation and linear molecular geometry.

Health effects of Carbon

Some simple carbon compounds are highly toxic, for example, Carbon monoxide and cyanide.

  1. Chronic inhalation causes permanent damage to the lungs.
  2. Pneumoconiosis is a disease found in workers who are working in the production of carbon black.
  3. Carbon monoxide produced from the burning of plastic can cause cancer.

Uses of carbon

  • Charcoal (from wood) and coke (from coal) are used in metal smelting.
  • They are used in petrochemical industries in the production of polymers.
  • Activated charcoal is used in the purification.
  • Carbon fibres are used in rockets, fishing rods etc.


  • Carbon is an element with atomic number 6 and the symbol C
  • Most of the carbon compounds are poor conductors of electricity
  • Carbon has three primary allotropes: Diamond, graphite and fullerene.
  • Two main oxides of carbon are carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
  • Toxic gases like carbon monoxide are produced due to the incomplete combustion of fuels.
  • Carbon has various uses in different forms like activated charcoal, coal, diamond etc.
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A Greater Degree Needs Quality Education

Education happens to be important to individuals who wish to grow like a effective person. With quality education, you will find places to choose. What aspirations have you got with regards to becoming something big in existence? What’s the ideal to get? Would you like to become an engineer? Or do you want to get physician? Regardless of any aspiration you’ve, you need to materialize together with your education. Are you currently searching for education institutes in India? Searching for much better spot to learn and also be? Today, India is a mighty educational hub where lacks of scholars from all across the globe get enrolled to numerous universities and institutions.

India has turned into a recognized education center through the years. It is simple to encounter numerous institutes that are ardently involved in extending quality education and nurturing the skills. Especially, the nation’s capital region has large amount of education organizations. It’s possible to easily encounter varied institutes who’re offering courses in bachelor, masters and research level programs. You are able to take the aid of Internet and check for that colleges. There might be quantity of courses that apply for. For example, if you’re looking searching for education institutes in India you will want to bear in mind certain aspects. To begin with, searching in to the following factors:

Eligibility criteria

Admission system



Practical learning


Learning doesn’t have finish so also have determination complete your education. Apart from BBA, apply for other sorts of courses too for example B.Erectile dysfunction college in NCR. B.Erectile dysfunction means bachelor in education which allows you to be a effective teacher. If a person has imagine being a teacher, there are lots of B.Erectile dysfunction colleges all across the nation. In our scenario, the majority of the schools have to have a B.Erectile dysfunction from the recognized college. If you’re curious about the charge structure then don’t. There are lots of organizations that are providing the professional courses for the most part competitive fee structure. While, you are looking for a university, be sure to consider the semester system. This can help in taking on the program easily and tactfully.

On the internet, it’s possible to locate fairly easily their email list of famous universities and simply have an insight around the colleges providing the greater education. There’s no dearth of excellent education institutes however, you should search strategically. With quality greater education, you may make an excellent career. What exactly are you awaiting? Don’t look anywhere. Just hit the web and check for the best institution today.

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Do You Know The Advantages Of A Web-Based Education

Through an education isn’t for everybody, but has demonstrated to become a great choice for lots of people. Many people want to be on campus, inside a classroom and getting direct reference to a teacher. On their behalf, a proper education is better which works best for them. Others would prefer to fit instruction around their convenience and take education in their pace. What’s great is the fact that both of them are available and both of them are ongoing to develop in dimensions and funding, so there are many options.

If you’re choosing to go the internet route then you definitely most likely need to know a lot of benefits. There are many benefits, many who will spark your interest and encourage you to definitely pursue a web-based education further. So, what exactly are they? Look for a pace that favors you and also stay with it. Most formal education is structured with one pace and everybody are required to follow. However, this doesn’t work for most of us. So that you can structure your personal pace is among the finest perks to be educated online. It will help students grasp material simpler helping students obtain better results. So, if you’d like to pick your personal pace, then select online education. How much cash do you want to save? Most online programs tend to be less expensive than tradition education on the college campus because they do not demand the charges that tradition education does.

Also, it’s not necessary to go anywhere and put money into transportation. Sit lower aware of your pc and cut costs since you did not need to travel. Which kind of schedule have you got? Many people are needed to operate strange hrs for work plus they can’t reach classes. By having an online education, you are able to complete the program work if you have time. So, if you finish working and therefore are moved in in your own home, get began together with your course work. It’s not hard to fit education around other activities inside your existence. Scheduling isn’t an issue. For those who have a household, don’t miss just one second together with your kids and spouse. Complete course work once you place the kids to sleep or following a date together with your spouse. It’s not hard to possess a family and become educated simultaneously.

So, so how exactly does it seem for you? Sounds very good does not it? Online education is among the fasting growing methods for getting educated and it is improving existence around the world. Start searching for online programs today.

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Grant for Education: Winning a Funder’s Heart

Inside a understanding driven economy, the continual updating of skills and the introduction of lifelong learning can make the main difference between failure and success, and between competitiveness and decline.” – David Blunkett

Lifelong Investment

Earning an excellent education is really a lifelong investment. This might mean number of career possibilities, and job options. However, not everybody has got the privilege to carry on studies at universites and colleges because of financial restrictions. It’s the foremost reason why impedes someone to pursue an excellent education. Because of this, grant for education continues to be established and it has become open to provide assistance for underprivileged individuals within their quest for getting equal chance in acquiring good education.

An enormous amount of Possibilities

Learning is much more compared to basics of studying and writing. It signifies important and practical understanding that may be used in different expertise and profession. Individuals important practices that may be acquired in school include discipline, effort, and perseverance. These traits are considered important to help those flourish in the business enterprise. Thus, the significance of education shouldn’t be overlooked. Actually, an investigation explains the relevance of your practice to employment, along with the value of furthering education. The study implies that a graduate of bachelor’s degree is unemployed at 6.1 % compared to affiliate graduates, that the statistics shows, has 8.8 percent unemployment rate. Furthermore, it’s true that education allows us to further comprehend the altering requirements of our community.

Preparing together with your application

Applying a grant for education is definitely an overwhelming task. There might be 100 hopefuls for any single grant award. Therefore, writing a great proposal provides you with an advantage of catching a possible funder who’ll think about your purpose of returning to school or furthering education. Here are a few useful tips on paper an offer which will surely win a funder’s heart:

Identify and get ready for the funder’s group of needs

Gather enough grant writing information

Determine the goals of the proposal

Clearly condition the significance of attaining an excellent education

Construct action plans

Describe your qualifications for that grant

· Present an in depth budget plan

Provide related articles that will help justify your grant request

Fasten a resume cover letter and letter of intent

Talk to experts (i.e. grant authors)

Check your document

Call the organizations for queries and clarifications

Submit the proposal promptly

How to locate a potential funder?

Following the tiresome procedure for researching and writing a grant for education, after you are one step nearer to a realistic look at your dreams. It might not be that simple to find a possible grantor, but it’s important and extremely is effective seek funder whose goals match your requirements and suggested project. Remember that funding agencies may change their requirement so, it’s recommended to make contact with these to be sure that your document remains on course.

Grants for education are awarded for use for any worthy cause. They are funds that try to provide help individuals wishing to return to school in search of getting an excellent education to effectively react to the altering demands of the business enterprise.

Erin Millano happens to be passionate to enhance the caliber of existence of marginalized, low-earnings individuals, and families. She’s a lobbyist, freelance photojournalist, and proposal author.

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A Phone Call for Public School Educators to obtain By Using It

All educators must embrace change. Many states round the country now utilize new curriculums, new standards, and new teacher evaluation instruments. The Race to the peak initiative offered because the impetus for a number of these vast and fast changes. Consequently, most professionals would agree the new initiatives were responses to some global economic decline, a globalized economic market, along with a transfer of the sorts of skills needed in the present and future job markets.

Gaining knowledge of our trade is an essential method in which educators can combat the reasons of learning and teaching these days. Because the June 1999 report in the American Federation of Teachers confirmed, teaching is definitely brain surgery. Job possibilities in education for that undercertified, the para-professional, and also the behind-the-occasions professional are now being eliminated by positions that need high amounts of expertise and training. Classroom teachers must have the ability to rapidly and effectively gauge their students’ exact abilities inside a given area of interest then base instruction around an agenda for achieving a year’s (or perhaps a semester’s) growth. This plan of action should be developmentally appropriate and should include input from a variety of specialists and stakeholders such as the parents. Likewise, school managers must have the ability to read and process detailed reports on student learning, and lead the college to deal with specific instructional deficiencies while together with a vast continuum of stakeholders while shared leadership.

Even such as the complexities and barriers, public education continues to be the best aspire to compete these days global economy. Much continues to be stated about attacks on public education. Some have accused politicians of placing obstacles when it comes to public education through private voucher systems, skewed accountability measures, and unfunded mandates. Educators should address these challenges by working to make sure that we provide the defacto standard of your practice to our students. Competition do not need to stifle our progress. We aim to educate a lot of students, no matter their economic status or natural abilities. We ought to exercise a proper respect for the country’s public education system, because it one of the most ambitious systems on the planet.

In a nutshell, they are exciting occasions to become in the area of education. Change is happening at exponential rates. As lengthy once we are embracing change, seeking expertise, and promoting ourselves as viable intuitions for student learning, we are able to execute our daily tasks with pride and assurance within our mission.

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