January 2019


What are CISCO certified courses?

CISCO certifications are offered by CISCO Systems, Inc., which specializes in communications and networking products and services. These products are known, popular and used all over the world. To ensure that the IT professionals are skilled and have the knowledge that is necessary to use and support the CISCO products, there are CISCO certified courses.  These courses begin at the entry level and go up to the architect level.

If you are looking for the best place to get the CISCO certified courses in Singapore, you can get in touch with Comat. We offer all the leading courses offered and recognized by CISCO.

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Want To Create A Free Website? Here Are Some Practical Ideas!

You are ready to launch a website, but like many prospective website owners, you probably have a limited budget. Web developers and designers bring valuable insight, expertise and experience to a project, and while hiring a company is always beneficial in one way or the other, pricing can be a problem. If you want to create a free website, we have some handy tips that will help you save.

Beware of the word “free”

Today, you have website builders and CMS like WordPress, which allow you to create a website or blog for free. Yes, you don’t need to spend a dime on anything. However, there’s always some catch in the entire situation. For example, WordPress offers free domains and hosting, but your website will read like So, you get a host extension added to the URL. Similarly, there are some free hosting service, who may host the website for no money, but don’t expect some of the basic things such as unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and 100% tech support.

Try and use the free resources

WordPress, for instance, has a wide range of free and paid plug-ins, which can add many functionalities to your website. If you don’t want to pay a developer for paid features right away, plug-ins is the best way to get ahead. It is also a good idea to consider free templates and themes, because it’s usually a customized look that costs the most. There are many guides online as how you can set the hosting and domain for the website, so you don’t need an expert for that. Some hosts provided WordPress hosting plans, so WordPress can be installed in a single click

Select shared hosting

As the name implies, shared hosting is when you share the server with other websites. Shared hosting may have an impact on the speed and bandwidth that your website gets, but in terms of pricing, it is a lot cheaper. In fact, even the experts don’t recommend dedicated hosting, especially for clients on a budget and for generic, basic websites and blogs that are not resource-intensive.

Final word

Websites can be launched for a lot less money, and if you keep a tab on the basics, such as the domain registration and hosting, it is easier to manage rest of the things, especially with CMS such as WordPress. Check online now to find more on basic hosting packages.

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