What Constitutes the ‘Best’ Home Security System for 2023?

Run a quick internet search on the ‘best home security system’ for 2023 and you will find no shortage of results. The strange thing is that so many brands claim to offer the best systems. And of course, you can find all sorts of independent and not-so-independent reviews claiming that one system is better than all the rest. There is a problem, though: they cannot all be the best.

By definition, there can only be one ‘best’ of anything. So if you’re looking to install a high-quality home security system this year, don’t obsess over what other people consider the best. Take the time to figure out what you need and how much you can afford to spend. Then shop around accordingly. Also be sure to research any brands you are considering purchasing.

In terms of what might constitute the best system for you, here are some things to consider:

1. Smart Home Integration

Before smart homes were a thing, home security systems were standalone products. You can still buy a standalone home security system today, but you can also buy one that fully integrates with smart home technology. You will pay a little more to go this route. But depending on your needs, it might be a wise investment.

The Albany Times Union named Vivint one of the nation’s top home security providers back in October 2022. For the purposes of this post, the most important thing to know is that Vivint systems can be fully integrated for both security and smart home efficiency.

You can combine Vivint motion sensors and security with smart home devices like smart thermostats, smart lighting, and smart door locks. Their equipment even integrates with devices from Google and Amazon.

2. Technical Know-How

Today’s home security systems come in both wired and wireless flavors. Some are easier to install than others. Among wireless models, some are easier to get up and running. In light of all of this, it’s important to consider your own technical know-how before you make a decision.

If you are comfortable working with things like wireless networks and wi-fi routers, a wireless DIY system might be right up your alley. But if you are the type of person who stares blankly at a smart thermostat because you don’t know where to begin the programming process, you might be better off opting for a professionally installed security system.

3. How You Want to Handle Monitoring

A home security system is only as effective as the monitoring behind it. These days, nearly all home security systems are monitored. The only question is who does the actual monitoring: you or a professional monitoring team in a remote location.

Professional monitoring allows you to arm your system and forget about it. Your service provider keeps an eye on things 24/7. Should you choose to monitor yourself, you always need to remain cognizant of notifications on your phone, in your email inbox, or both.

4. Buying or Leasing Equipment

One last thing to consider is whether you will buy the equipment. When it comes to DIY systems, you are definitely going to buy and own the equipment yourself. In terms of professional systems though, it is a mixed bag. Some providers may force you to lease equipment from them. Others might give you the option to lease or buy.

Finding the best home security system for you is more about understanding your needs than implicitly trusting online reviews. The reviews are helpful, but what is best for you may not be what’s best for someone else. Just remember that.

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How to Find the Best Home Security Cameras on the Market

Home security cameras come in all shapes and sizes. From the smallest, cheapest hidden video cams to the most expensive wall-mounted cameras for industrial use, there is something for everyone. How do you find the best home security cameras for your needs? How do you break through all the marketing fog to find what really is your best option?

The proliferation of home security equipment over the last 5 to 10 years has been both good and bad. It has been good in the sense that more brands mean more devices, and more devices mean more choices for consumers. But it’s bad in the sense that consumers can feel overwhelmed with too many options.

As someone who has spent years writing about home security, here are my recommendations for finding the best cameras for your needs:

Start With Professional Reviews

Arguably the best place to start are professional reviews published by organizations like CNET and Consumer Reports. Professional reviews are written by people considered experts in the field. In the case of something like Consumer Reports, reviewed products are actually tested prior to writing. You are not getting a generic review from someone who has only read marketing literature.

One of the keys to finding the best home security cameras is being able to compare one product with another. So when digging around for professional reviews, home in on those that offer product comparisons.

Read Industry Guides

Another good source of information are industry guides. These might be published by security industry trade groups, distributors, installation providers, or the brands themselves. They are a wealth of information in terms of things like product specs and features.

You can find a great example of an industry guide on the SF Gate website. It is a guide to home security cameras sold by Vivint. It doesn’t discuss competing products, but at least you get a full dose of product information from Vivint.

Read Customer Reviews

Professional reviews and industry guides can tell you what you need to know from a technical and marketing aspect. But if you want to know what actual consumers think about a particular brand or product, the best place to look are customer reviews. You can find them all over the internet.

The one thing to remember with customer reviews is that they are entirely subjective. They are based solely on consumer experiences which, as you probably know, may not be indicative of what a product or brand is truly like. The point is to take consumer reviews with a grain of salt.

Talk to Friends and Family Members

Finally, your search for the best home security cameras could lead you to friends and family members who already have security systems installed in their homes. They could very well be your best source of information for the simple fact that they have firsthand knowledge.

Ask them what they think of their equipment. Ask them about their brand impressions, their thoughts on system features, whether they think they paid a fair price, and so forth. You will learn pretty quickly the brands you should stay away from as well as those you should look into.

Here is one final piece of wisdom: do not get caught up in the idea that there is an absolute best home security camera. ‘Best’ is a relative term. Your goal is to find high-quality equipment that does what you need it to do, day in and day out. If you can find it at a price point you can afford, you’re golden.

Infographic created by United States Bullet Proofing, Makers of High-Quality Wall Armor for Unparalleled Security

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4 Unique Two-Colour Combinations for Your Bedroom Walls 

Choosing the right bedroom colour can get overwhelming. Your bedroom is your haven, a place you unwind and retire after a tiring day. It’s one of the most intimate areas of your home. Hence, you must choose your bedroom colour carefully. You must choose a colour that will help you sleep well at night and will inspire you to kickstart your morning on a positive note.

Confused about which colour to use for your bedroom or which painting service to hire? Why limit yourself to just a single hue when you can use a two-tone colour combination for your bedroom? We have rounded up 5 unique two-tone colour combinations that will enhance your bedroom walls.

Pastel Blue & White 

Pastel blue is a perfect colour to pick for your bedroom if you want your bedroom to exude a serene and grounded vibe. Pastel blue and white complement each other and make a space look light and energetic. People who are looking for a colour combination that will instantly soothe a person and make them feel relaxed must give this combination a serious thought. When it comes to furniture and linens, go for white, beige, creams, browns and greys as they will help to maintain the calm feel of the room.

Terracotta & Cream

If you are someone who always finds yourself gravitating towards earthy tones, then this colour combination is for you. Terracotta is gaining popularity amongst paint contractors and homeowners in 2022 and we are here for it. The colour instantly makes a space feel cosy and warm. Cream on the other hand is a classic neutral hue, which perfectly contrasts terracotta and compliments it. People who have French countryside, Mid-century themed, vintage, rustic or cabin-styled houses must try this colour combination. This two colour combination for bedroom is great for people who want to paint their bedroom walls in a bold colour scheme yet don’t want to leave the comfort of the warm neutral colours.

Lilac & White 

Who says that lilac is a feminine colour and cannot be used in your bedroom? One of the quickest ways to make your bedroom appear royal, opulent and elegant is to introduce lilac and white into your bedroom. Lilac instantly makes your bedroom appear light, airy and stylish. This colour combination is refreshing and will undoubtedly make your guests drool. If you are sceptical of using lilac in a large proportion, then tell your paint contractor to paint the wall behind your bed in lilac and turn that into an accent wall, while keeping the rest of the walls white. A pro tip is to introduce a chandelier and metallic décor elements into your lilac bedroom to further elevate its overall aesthetics.

Dusty Rose & Green 

If you feel that a dusty rose and green bedroom only looks appealing in an interior magazine, then we are here to tell you otherwise. Dusty rose and green go perfectly with each other and are great colour choices for your bedroom. This two colour combination for bedroom will instantly make your bedroom appear intimate, elegant and chic. A pro tip is to keep the rest of the décor minimal as you would want your walls to be the highlight of your bedroom. Some common hues that you can use in a dusty rose and green bedroom are gold, blush pink, teal, grey, white, cream and beige.

Which two-tone colour combination best reflects you? Looking to hire a credible painting service? Why not let the experts at Asian Paints help you create your dream home? Choose Asian Paints Safe Painting Service and let them help you with everything from picking the colour scheme, planning, execution, and post-clean-up service.

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How Worried Are You About Package Theft and Burglary?

Crime is a fact of life. It occurs every single day, all across the U.S. Among the most common crimes are package theft and burglary. FBI statistics from 2019 show that more than 1.1 million burglaries cost American homeowners an average of $2,661 in losses that year. So, how worried are you about package theft and burglary?

A recent survey-based study conducted by Safewise indicates that package theft and burglary are the two most feared crimes among American consumers. That should come as no surprise. Between the prevalence of porch piracy and a steady stream of burglary stories in the news, these two crimes seem to always be in the public eye.

The obvious question on the minds of many is one of prevention. How can consumers protect themselves against porch pirates and burglars? Are there any prevention strategies that offer more than just a false sense of security?

The Home Security Factor

Vivint Smart Home is a nationwide provider of home automation equipment and complete home security packages. They say that numerous studies conducted over the last 20 years indicate that burglars are wary enough of home security systems to avoid them. If given the choice to burglarize one home with a monitored security system as opposed to one without, most burglars would choose the latter.

Burglars tend to avoid homes with monitored security systems for several reasons:

  • Video Cameras – The video cameras found in a typical home security system create evidence. They generate footage that can help local police track down a suspect. That same evidence can be used in court.
  • Immediate Response – A monitored home security system offers the benefit of immediate response. As soon as a home is breached, monitoring personnel are on the phone with local authorities.
  • Increased Attention – When burglar alarms make noise, they draw attention to the victimized house. Burglars do not want attention. They want to get in and out quickly and quietly.

Although installing a home security system does not completely eliminate the risk of burglary, it does tilt the game in the homeowner’s favor. Combined with other defense strategies, a monitored home security system greatly reduces the likelihood of being victimized.

The Porch Piracy Problem

Most instances of package theft go down as porch piracy. A thief simply walks up to a victim’s porch, grabs available packages, and walks away. It is an increasingly common problem as more Americans shop online. But again, what can consumers do about it?

Vivint Smart Home recommends a video doorbell with built-in two-way audio. A video doorbell allows homeowners to see anyone approaching the front door. The built-in two-way audio system allows for real-time communication between homeowner and visitor.

Unfortunately, porch pirates are catching on to the video doorbell. Due to how quickly and quietly porch piracy can be perpetrated, video doorbells do not seem to be slowing down the most committed thieves. Therefore, consumers have to consider other strategies, including:

  • arranging for delivery to another location
  • utilizing remote delivery lockers
  • giving delivery companies access to an inside area of the home.

The risk of parch piracy will continue as long as people buy online and delivery companies leave packages on porches. It is up to consumers and delivery companies to find new ways of transacting business without giving thieves opportunity to steal.

Do you worry about package theft and burglary? If so, you are not alone. They are the two most feared crimes in America. The good news is that you can protect yourself to some degree. You do not have to remain helpless against criminals.

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Essential tips for designing a modern living room

In modern living room designs, a minimalist approach is followed. Hence, you have to choose furniture pieces that are functional but compact. There are various other designing techniques that can help you to create a modern living room design. Mentioned below are a few tips you can use:

01 of 08 Choose an Open Layout

Many modern living rooms feature an open design. An open layout gives you the opportunity to use the available space effectively. You must choose a uniform design to give the space a complementary look. For instance, use the same colour design for your living room as well as your dining room so that both the rooms appear unified and create the illusion of a larger space. In small home designs, an open layout can completely transform the space.

02 of 08 Allow natural light to enter

Whether it is your living room or dining room, natural light and fresh air play a very crucial role in modern home designs. Make sure that sufficient natural light and air can enter your modern living room so that the space appears brighter and feels brighter. You can bring in plenty of natural light indoors by installing large glass doors and windows. To ensure privacy and control the brightness, it is important to opt for curtains or blinds.

03 of 08 Choose neutral colours for small spaces

In small modern living room designs, experts suggest opting for neutral colours like beige, white, or muted grey, etc. This is because light colours are a better reflector of light and make the room appear brighter and create the illusion of a larger space. However, if you feel that using only neutral colours is making the modern living room design boring, you can consider adding a few colours by creating an accent wall. Also, you can incorporate colourful decor items, furnishings, rugs, curtains, cushions, etc. Be careful while choosing the colours. If they do not complement each other, the overall appeal of the room will diminish.

04 of 08 Choose sleek furniture pieces

For your modern living room design, you must always opt for compact, comfortable, and sleek furniture pieces. Make sure they do not have elaborate designs and appear heavy. Minimal furniture pieces make a space appear spacious and clutter-free. To add more textures to the room design, you can choose leather or natural fabrics for the upholstery.

05 of 08 Only use natural materials

A modern living room mostly features natural materials such as bamboo, wood, and stone. These materials help to make space appear warmer and more inviting.  Also, natural materials are more sustainable. Whether you need materials for your flooring, accent wall, or furniture, there are various natural materials available that you can use.

06 of 08 Opt for smart storage

As mentioned earlier, modern living room designs are clutter-free. To ensure that the room appears clutter-free and spacious, you opt for smart storage. For instance, there are many furniture pieces available that come with built-in storage. You can opt for such multi-functional furniture pieces for your living room so that you can store various items in them when necessary. This will eliminate the requirement of additional storage and hence, you can ensure clutter-free interiors.

07 of 08 Choose items with metallic finishes

If you want to give your modern living room design a posh look, choose items for your room that feature polished metallic finishes such as stainless steel and chrome. These items can be anything from your mirror frames, pendant lights, steel tables, etc. You can also choose door knobs, cabinet handles, and other small items with similar finishes as well.

08 of 08 Do not display too many accessories

To prevent clutter, avoid adding too many accessories to your modern living room. For instance, choose a large painting for hanging on your wall instead of a group of small paintings.  Choose minimalist and sleek accent pieces to decorate your living room. Using plants for decorating your modern living room is a great idea as well. Make sure that you choose beautiful pots for your plants that complement the rest of the decor of your house.

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How Can You Acquire A Tiny Home?

Having a place to call home is a dream that many people have in their lifetime. Each person has a different vision this is why others choose mansions, others choose bungalows and others may choose to have their homes on the move.

There is also a new movement known as a tiny house movement that champions the practice of living a simple lifestyle, especially in their homes.

Just as the name suggests the house is supposed to be a tiny space that allows one to rest, have a meal, and a sanitation unit. It is crucial for the place to meet the standards of a dwelling unit for it to be considered a tiny home.

If one wishes to own a home, it is possible to buy a tiny home in the location that they want.

The following are some of the steps to be followed:

Selection of the desired location

The vision to own a home comes with a dream location. When looking for a tiny home it is no different, the person with the vision is supposed to select a location.

The location selected should be suitable for the desired tiny home. The potential owner should consider the weather conditions of the place since it should not be too harsh for the tiny house.

The site should also have access to other social amenities such as roads, hospitals, schools, and recreational facilities.

Picking out a design and model for the house

Houses come in not only different shapes and sizes but also different designs. The potential owner should therefore pick out a design and model that is appropriate for the location of the tiny house.

The potential owner should ensure that the technical drawing is ready and is per the desired design.

Preparing the required funds

Just like any other home construction, tiny houses also require funds for the construction to be executed. In regards to that, a person should have adequate funds to ensure smooth construction right from the foundation to the completion.

Beginning the construction of the house

The potential owner is supposed to find a construction company that will work within the budget to bring the dream home to life.

After finding the company, the real construction can commence. The construction should be completed in no time depending on the agreed period and the pace of the construction company.

It should be noted that the quality of work depends on the construction company thus the owner should select an able team.

Preparing the site

Upon the commencement of the construction, the owner should prepare the site to receive the house. These preparations include reserving the spot where the tiny house is to be placed.

One could also ensure that electricity and water are installed before the tiny house arrives.

Ensuring the delivery of the tiny house to the location

Once the construction of the tiny house is complete, it should be delivered to the owner or picked up.

An appropriate vehicle should be used to deliver the house.

Tiny houses are quite comfortable hence one should consider living in such an establishment especially if they are hoping to live a simple life.

These houses may also be appropriate for those who are not planning to stay in a place for a long time. The houses are a comfortable temporary structure.

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Five Steps to Take to Restore Property After Sustaining Water Damage

Water damage via floods, broken pipes, sewer issues, flooded basements, or even leaking appliances can cause severe property issues. Water damage can result in the formation of mold, which starts forming within twenty-four hours of sustaining damage. Moreover, without properly fighting water damage via water removal san antonio, it can lead to structural problems and numerous safety hazards. To restore as much as possible, here are five steps that one can take after their property has sustained water damages.

  1. Call the Insurance Company

The first step that any homeowner should take is to call their insurance company to assess the damage and determine if the losses can be covered. It will help if the owner takes as many pictures of the damage as possible to help examine the damage.

  1. Take Protective Measures

While looking over the property, the homeowner should ensure that they take all the protective measures before doing so. Here are some of the safety steps that can be taken:

  • Before entering a flooded home, the electricity of the property should be turned off.
  • Rubber boots and gloves must be worn by anyone who will reenter the water-filled hose.
  • If the flooding is minimal, preparation for saving the valuables can be started by the homeowner.
  1. Water Removal Services

If the water damage is too extensive for homeowners to tackle by themselves, it is recommended to contact water removal san Antonio services and take help from them. Flooring, drywall, insulation, and other such things had to be removed to stop the growth of mold and mildew from the accumulated water. Depending on the level of water damage, furniture has to be cleaned and dried out or thrown away. These takes are better left to the professionals from the best water removal san Antonio services who have both experience and expertise in dealing with such conditions.

  1. Prevent mold

Within a day of flooding or minimal water damage, molding can start developing within the walls and the house’s flooring. It is difficult to restore items that develop severe mold on them. For places that have developed severe cases of mold and mildew, they might have to be removed and replaced. It is advisable to let a professional examine the place that has sustained damage the most. Experts know how to properly get rid of the mold, dry the area completely, and prevent future mold growth.

  1. Drying Belongings

After removing water and restoring the walls and floors, the process of drying off belongings and furniture should start. For smaller areas, dehumidifiers and floor fans can do the job appropriately. The setting process can take a few days to over a week, depending on how extensive the water damage is.


These were some of the important steps that homeowners can take if their property sustained water damage. Treating such damage properly and in time is imperative for maintaining the house’s structural integrity and the physical well-being of the people who will live in the house.

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