Oriental Style Bedroom Decor Ideas

The traditional oriental style of decor has become increasingly popular in modern home interior design. This is largely due to its extraordinary combination of exotic beauty and practical functionality. In fact, the Oriental style draws from a variety of Asian influences, including Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures, and features rich colors, bold shapes, intricate patterns, and luxurious fabrics. It is a great choice for decorating any room in your home, but its natural elegance and serenity make oriental style particularly well suited for simple bedroom design.

Oriental style bedroom design is all about creating a calm, serene, and luxurious atmosphere. With the right materials, furniture, and accessories, you can transform your bedroom into an exotic oasis of tranquility.

Here is everything you need to know about choosing oriental style decor for your bedroom.

Color Palette and Materials

The classic oriental style is characterized by its deep, warm, and exotic color palette. Rich shades of gold, teal green, burgundy, sapphire blue, and dark red are some of the traditional favorites often seen in classic oriental bedroom interior design. Complementary materials should be chosen carefully to bring out the luxurious beauty of the oriental style. Silk is a popular fabric used for traditional oriental style bedding, curtains, and wall hangings.

Furniture and Accessories

The furniture in your oriental style bedroom design should be simple, yet comfortable. Solid dark wooden pieces with clean lines and carved accents are a great choice for creating an inviting atmosphere. You can also add some traditional Asian-style pieces, such as the low table known as a tea table, or floor cushions. Investing in bamboo or cane furniture is also a great way to add an authentic oriental touch to your bedroom.

Accessorizing is also important for creating a complete oriental style bedroom interior design. You can incorporate accessories such as sculptures and ceramics to create the perfect atmosphere of serenity and calm.

When it comes to accessories, bring in vibrant colors and bold patterns, such as floral designs and intricate calligraphy. Hang lanterns or paper lamps from the ceiling or place candlesticks around the room for a romantic ambiance.  You can also think about including some artwork like scroll paintings, calligraphy, or Japanese sumi-e paintings for an authentic look.

Textures and Patterns

In traditional oriental style, textures and patterns are used to create depth and drama. Look for fabrics such as brocades, velvets, and silks with luxurious embroidery or print patterns for cushion covers, bedcovers, and other upholstery.

Wallpapers and wall hangings can also be used to add a touch of texture to your walls. You can add subtle texture to your flooring by adding area rugs or carpets in bold colors and intricate patterns if what you want is a simple bedroom design.


Lighting can make a huge difference in your bedroom design. For an oriental-style look, use low-wattage bulbs to create a soft, inviting atmosphere. Candles are also great for creating a relaxing mood, as their flickering light casts a warm glow around the room. Alternatively, you could opt for paper lanterns or pendant lights with intricate designs and bold colors.

Creating a simple and elegant oriental style bedroom is the perfect way to bring an exotic touch of luxury into your home interior design. You can incorporate the above tips to create a unique look full of rich textures, bold patterns, and natural materials that will help you relax in the comfort of your own space.  With a careful selection of colors, fabrics, furniture, and accessories, you can create a beautiful oriental bedroom interior design that is unique to your style.

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