How Mercedes-Benz G Class Evolved with Time? No Limits to Its Pioneering Capacity

Mercedes Benz has a lengthy history of providing innovative, aesthetically appealing, luxurious and high performing vehicles to the world. One of their vehicles have gained lots of popularity in the last two decades and that is Mercedes G series. It is lovingly called the G-wagon. This SUV is displayed as a luxurious off-road juggernaut.

Below is a brief history of G-class from it launching to 2018

1979 to 1989

In 1979, the first Mercedes G Class [Geländewagen] was designed with an aim to offer off road performance and not on luxury. Its prime focus was to conquer the rough terrain for military and safari-based clientele. Initially, there were 3 body styles including hardtop and convertible [short wheelbase] as well as four door wagons [long wheelbase]. In 1986, minor changes were made to the cabin, which enhanced comfort. Moreover, catalytic converter was added, which decreased emissions. However, in the US G-wagon was imported through gray markets.

1990 to 1996

In 1990, the 2nd generation G-wagon called 463 model got created, which featured full-time 4-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, interior wood accents, 3-locking differentials, and leather upholstery [optional]. In the year 1993, the 500 GE was introduced to 5.0L V-8 engine. In 1994, the naming & modelling system were altered. The G was moved forward and it became G500.

1997 to 2004

In 1997, many new models got introduced in the automotive market. Most noteworthy was the new Cabriolet model, which sported power operated convertible top. Moreover, non-turbo diesel was replace by 290 GD turbo diesel engine. The G320 held its name but got an engine upgrade [V6 with 215hp]

In 1999, Mercedes celebrated its 20th birthday offering special edition – the G500 Classic. Even the system controls got mounted on steering wheels for the first time.

In 2000, new diesel technology was ushered. It included common rail direct-injection that extremely improved the vehicle performance. In 2002, Mercedes G500 was selected for sales in American market. In 2003, AMG performed magic upgrades on the G500 Classic including modified V8 with 349hp and more torque, side-exit exhaust, 18-inch wheel, better performance tires, and noticeable aluminum brush guard. On its 25th birthday Mercedes rolled another limited edition of G500 Classic 25 with special wheels and aluminum sides molding.

2005 to 2018

During 2005, supercharged AMG G55 model was introduced, which supplied 469hp via V8 engine. The 2008. Witnessed technology advancement, which added quality. It included Bluetooth compatibility and command APS infotainment system. The highlight of the year 2010, was Blue TEC [traction engine control system] in G350.

The G-wagon has covered a lengthy distance since its start as tough terrain vehicle. Currently, it takes pride in its top position amongst luxury SUVs.

The history of Mercedes Benz Company has proved that there is no constrains to its pioneering capacity.