Summer Road Trip 2018: Our Playlist Recommendations

It’s summer and it’s time to let loose and enjoy your life. Whether you’re going to catch flights, and not feelings, or maybe all “the feels,” or you plan on road tripping around your country in an RV rental, you’re going to want to make sure to go on your trip completely prepared.

One of the best ways to make sure that you have a terrific time while traveling is to put together your traveling music beforehand. After all, a road trip in an RV rental without a playlist won’t be the most entertaining adventure and music can help set the mood for your trip. Music can shorten the hours driving and make it feel like time passes quickly. It can keep you awake when you get sleepy and bring you closer to your travel companions.

If you love music and you love the open road, put the two together with some of the best music around for 2018. From hits that make you want to dance to songs that make you feel, there are several songs that you should be listening to for a trip that you won’t soon forget. Here are our recommendations for your summer 2018 playlist:

  • Here Comes the Sun-Beatles

Here Comes the Sun is an iconic song by one of the most iconic bands of all time: the Beatles. If you want to start your road trip off right, just put on this song and get in the mood for a sun-filled and happy vacation. There’s no song to put you in as great a mood as this one.

  • One Kiss-Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa

Leaving the past behind, you can always enjoy this romantic song by Calvin Harris, with Dua Lipa gracing us with her voice. Summer love may be in store for you, so why not get in the mood with this recent hit? Summer is all about possibilities, so get the “feels” with this pop hit.

  • Walking On a Dream-Empire of the Sun

A song about looking for thrills and excitement, which may be a great theme for your road trip. Summer is a time for doing things you wouldn’t usually, so go ahead and walk on a summertime dream and enjoy traveling to some amazing places.

  • Something About You-Hayden James

As you road trip towards the beach, get in the beach mood with this song that will have you dreaming of dancing on a beach. Whether you’re headed to exotic destinations like Tulum or you are road tripping to South Beach, prepare your dance moves as you drive with Something About You. Hayden has some other great hits, so make sure to check out his album before setting out. His music could be a whole playlist in itself.

  • Such a Simple Thing-Ray LaMontagne

Not every summer song has to be about travel or summer. Ray LaMontagne has the kind of voice that you won’t mind listening to for hours on end. If you want to hear one of his best ones, put on Such a Simple Thing and get lost as you travel on the open road.

  • Angela-Lumineers

Sometimes road trips are about getting away and leaving things behind. If that’s the case for you, set out on your road trip with Angela by the Lumineers. It’s a great song for those who are always on the move and a great song for its sweet tunes.

  • I-89-I’m With Her

A song about a highway is surely going to be interesting to listening to as you travel down the road to your destination, but it’s an iconic song with lyrics that make you feel all the feels about traveling and road tripping.

These songs are from different genres, so choosing your playlist will largely depend on your type of music. Each one has lyrics that get you thinking while others have tunes that make you want to dance.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is plenty of music to choose from. Summer is a time for you to do something new and step out of your routine. Why not try new music and get yourself in the traveling mood? A playlist for your flight to Bali or a compilation of summer tunes for your road trip to California should be on top of your list of things to do before your trip.

One thing is certain: you don’t want to go on a road trip without preparing a playlist. The long hours on the road can be full of great scenery, but to ensure that you don’t get too bored, make sure to download your favorite hits and enjoy music in a whole new way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve enjoyed road tripping with the wind in my hair, driving my RV rental, and listening to music that I can’t get enough of.