Technology towards the Save

In the current era, we’ve technology everywhere. This can be a excellent factor along with a horrible factor. It is extremely good because some types of technology can certainly help us in our day-to-day tasks. For instance, I am typing want to know , using voice recognition software. I’ve found zinc heightens my content creation speed a minimum of threefold. Also like a secondary benefit I’ve less spelling errors along with the voice-recognition software corrects my grammar in many cases. So within this situation technology is a very great factor.

There is however a negative side to technology too. I have labored being an it manager for several years and also have observed this phenomenon firsthand. Individuals will think that they’ll use technology to repair people problems. Regrettably this isn’t the situation. For instance, I had been using a answering services company which was getting issues with its staff which was answering the phones. Employees would spend excessive intervals surfing the web and never answering phones. I had been contacted and requested basically may find a way to watch and restrict Access to the internet. It had been an acceptable request however I suggested they speak with their people. I help remind them to the fact that performing this kind of action might cause further bitterness through the individuals the phone call center because they would view it like a policing action.

So rather of addressing the problem at hands the answer is only going to aggravate the present situation. Within the finish, the manager from the answering services company did talk to folks as well as advised the folks that they are being monitored there was an expectation of performance inside the roles of the position. This straightforward speech most likely removed up 95% from the problem. Regrettably the final 5% needed more drastic measures. Case a fast example I have seen this same situation again and again. People desire to use technology to prevent people problems.

Which means you should always think about, will technology assist me to here or may cause me more problems because I’ve got a personal problem not really a technology problem. On another point, it is good to hear people once they do bring new technology for you. You will be amazed what individuals will find the main one hands it’s everybody’s work existence tremendously. The best recommendations that I have seen came from people labored for me personally. So making the effort to hear recommendations through the people of the staff could be very advantageous for your organization in general.

To summarize, keep in mind that technology may come towards the save and solve some pretty nasty problems in your organization. But never believe will be able to fix problems you have together with your people. Within this situation technology are only able to escalate the issue at hands.