Adventure awaits at the lush hillside community of Baan Khiri Wong Kot, Udon Thani

This actioned packed “One Night Stay with Locals” promises adventure, fun activities and lots of deliciously spicy food (this is Isaan, after all!) The journey takes you up to the northeastern corner of Thailand to Udon Thani province, where you’ll carry on deep into the forest until you reach a mountainside community known as “Baan Kiri Won Kot”.

The friendly locals will be waiting to give you a warm welcome into their homes, as well as show you around the village and provide a ceremony to mark the beginning of your stay. Now, the adventure really starts with a tractor tour of the nearby rice paddies and jungle, before making your way to a nearby waterfall for lunch and perhaps a dip in the refreshing water.

The afternoon provides an opportunity to learn more about the Baan Kiri Won Kot community, and how the locals live and make money off the land and natural resource available to them. For instance, there’s time for a lively fruit picking session at a nearby orchid and you can stop by one of the many shops along the route back to pick up some local souvenirs to take back for your own friends and family.

Before bedding down for the night in your rustic but comfortable homestay accommodation, your hosts will treat you to another ceremony showcasing their unique northeastern Thai culture. You won’t go to bed with an empty stomach, either, as a traditional ‘Palang’-style dinner is served up, including many vibrant Isaan dishes you probably know and love – as well as some you may never have tried before! This style of eating involves sitting in a circle on mats on the floor, which is a great way for you to get to know more about the local villagers and exchange ideas as you tuck into dishes such as grilled chicken, somtam, sticky rice, grilled fish, and dill soup cooked inside bamboo.

After a good night’s rest, make sure you set your alarm clock early, as you don’t want to miss seeing the morning mist rise over the mountains. You’ll be heading up on the tractor to a viewpoint to catch the sunrise and the sea of clouds cover the jungle down below. It’s the perfect way to start the morning while sipping a cup of locally brewed coffee, rounding off this truly Extraordinary Experience in Udon Thani.

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Experience canal-side living at Chumphon’s Bang Son community

Easily accessible from Bangkok with its own airport, Chumphon is a popular seaside province overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. It gets its fair share of visitors each year who come to enjoy the beaches and slower pace of life – although most use it as a gateway to travel on further by boat to the nearby islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

However, this “One Night Stay with Locals” trip lets you get a taste of true Chumphon while avoiding the crowds that flock to the islands. Your homestay for the night is just a short drive to the south from the airport, located in the province’s Bang Son community. In fact, you’ll be staying next to the community’s namesake ‘khlong’, in Thai meaning ‘canal’, which forms a pretty stretch of water covered by greenery on each side and plenty of hidden ‘beaches’ to be discovered along its banks. As the khlong links to the nearby sea, the waters are full of fresh seafood – which you can enjoy trying to catch and eat as much of it as you like!

Upon arrival, your first adventures are on land – rather than on the water – as you travel up Dinso Mountain to spot the migrating falcons. At a nearby temple, there’s the chance to pay respect to the local monks. At the ‘crab pawn shop’ you can give a helping in hand to some of the crabs trying return to their home, too.

Back to base, and it’s time to hit the water for one of this trip’s “Extraordinary Experiences”. The evening activity involves being towed on a raft behind a fisherman’s boat along Khlong Bang Son. Think of it as a dinner cruise ‘canal-style’ as you tuck into an impressive seafood buffet with fresh crab, squid, shrimps, shrimp paste and other Bang Son delicacies. The two-hour trip takes you to the mouth of the bay and back again, with fireflies able to be seen on the way back as dusk falls.

If dinner cruises aren’t your thing, this visit to Bang Son also has other options in terms of trip itineraries. You can also opt to choose Program 2, which focuses more on community activities, such as learning about local cooking methods and seeing the nature of the mangrove forest. Another option is Program 3, which starts much earlier in the day giving you time to do more. Activities include touring the community, learning how to make local snacks, experiencing the only sand dunes in Thailand (the highlight) and visiting a beach near the mountain at Tung Sang Bay.

Depending on which program you choose, on the morning of day-two you’ll either head out at dawn to see the sunrise at Wat Khao Chedi (which has a stunning 360-degree view of the region), or take an early morning boat ride out for some snorkeling fun at a nearby island off the coast of Chumphon.

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Discover the ancient traditions of Chiang Rai’s Tai Lue people at Phangha Homestay

A visit to Chiang Rai’s Pangha Homestay community feels like going back 100 years to a time when Thailand wasn’t even called Thailand but rather ‘Siam’, when people got around on bicycles or rickshaws rather than cars, and when hands worked all day long to make crafts and materials (instead of typing away on keyboards…)

Situated in the very north of Thailand not far from the Myanmar border, the defining feature of this community is its people, who are of Tai Lue origin, that still maintain many of the distinct cultural characteristics passed on from their ancestors to this very day. This includes a unique northern dialect, traditional fabric-made clothes with bold patterns, and a fascinating cuisine combining elements of Vietnamese, Burmese, Isaan and Lanna food. Luckily, you’ll be able to witness this interesting culture upon arrival, as you are greeted with a welcome ceremony and introduction to the community’s history and way of life. You can also taste some of their fusion-style dishes, such as Ram Fuen rice and Tai Lue pizza.

Much of the time during the afternoon of the first day has been designated for activities in and around Pangha. There is a chance to visit some of the old-age businesses and mini-factories that are still standing, including the world’s only ‘rice paper’ making center and an old tobacco curing plant. For those seeking a little more rest and relaxation from this trip, the village is also home to a herbal foot spa and ‘gold fiber’ spa.

As the sun begins to set, there’s time to head out of the village to admire the scenery looking over the Khun Nam Nang Non Mountain, as well as inspect a local rice paddy in the evening.

After enjoying dinner with the locals, it’s time to get chill out and relax in your gorgeous homestay for the night – certainly one of the highlights of this “Extraordinary Experience”. The accommodation is comprised of a large, hand-built wooden house that has been expertly renovated inside making your stay both a comfortable and memorable.

Plenty more visits and activities await the next day on this “One Night Stay with Locals” trip. After breakfast in the village, head out to participate in some knowledge-building activities, including trying your hand as a Shan’s knife smith and candle maker! There is stop-off at the pretty Kimju Guava Garden before visiting an area at the Thai-Myanmar border that is only temporarily permitted for tourists to see.

Then it’s time to go back to the community to enjoy another northern-style lunch at a local restaurant. With a full stomach, take part in the ‘Phra Singh San Chana Man’ workshop at Wat Phra San temple before bidding farewell to your Tai Lue hosts and heading home.

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Summer Road Trip 2018: Our Playlist Recommendations

It’s summer and it’s time to let loose and enjoy your life. Whether you’re going to catch flights, and not feelings, or maybe all “the feels,” or you plan on road tripping around your country in an RV rental, you’re going to want to make sure to go on your trip completely prepared.

One of the best ways to make sure that you have a terrific time while traveling is to put together your traveling music beforehand. After all, a road trip in an RV rental without a playlist won’t be the most entertaining adventure and music can help set the mood for your trip. Music can shorten the hours driving and make it feel like time passes quickly. It can keep you awake when you get sleepy and bring you closer to your travel companions.

If you love music and you love the open road, put the two together with some of the best music around for 2018. From hits that make you want to dance to songs that make you feel, there are several songs that you should be listening to for a trip that you won’t soon forget. Here are our recommendations for your summer 2018 playlist:

  • Here Comes the Sun-Beatles

Here Comes the Sun is an iconic song by one of the most iconic bands of all time: the Beatles. If you want to start your road trip off right, just put on this song and get in the mood for a sun-filled and happy vacation. There’s no song to put you in as great a mood as this one.

  • One Kiss-Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa

Leaving the past behind, you can always enjoy this romantic song by Calvin Harris, with Dua Lipa gracing us with her voice. Summer love may be in store for you, so why not get in the mood with this recent hit? Summer is all about possibilities, so get the “feels” with this pop hit.

  • Walking On a Dream-Empire of the Sun

A song about looking for thrills and excitement, which may be a great theme for your road trip. Summer is a time for doing things you wouldn’t usually, so go ahead and walk on a summertime dream and enjoy traveling to some amazing places.

  • Something About You-Hayden James

As you road trip towards the beach, get in the beach mood with this song that will have you dreaming of dancing on a beach. Whether you’re headed to exotic destinations like Tulum or you are road tripping to South Beach, prepare your dance moves as you drive with Something About You. Hayden has some other great hits, so make sure to check out his album before setting out. His music could be a whole playlist in itself.

  • Such a Simple Thing-Ray LaMontagne

Not every summer song has to be about travel or summer. Ray LaMontagne has the kind of voice that you won’t mind listening to for hours on end. If you want to hear one of his best ones, put on Such a Simple Thing and get lost as you travel on the open road.

  • Angela-Lumineers

Sometimes road trips are about getting away and leaving things behind. If that’s the case for you, set out on your road trip with Angela by the Lumineers. It’s a great song for those who are always on the move and a great song for its sweet tunes.

  • I-89-I’m With Her

A song about a highway is surely going to be interesting to listening to as you travel down the road to your destination, but it’s an iconic song with lyrics that make you feel all the feels about traveling and road tripping.

These songs are from different genres, so choosing your playlist will largely depend on your type of music. Each one has lyrics that get you thinking while others have tunes that make you want to dance.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is plenty of music to choose from. Summer is a time for you to do something new and step out of your routine. Why not try new music and get yourself in the traveling mood? A playlist for your flight to Bali or a compilation of summer tunes for your road trip to California should be on top of your list of things to do before your trip.

One thing is certain: you don’t want to go on a road trip without preparing a playlist. The long hours on the road can be full of great scenery, but to ensure that you don’t get too bored, make sure to download your favorite hits and enjoy music in a whole new way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve enjoyed road tripping with the wind in my hair, driving my RV rental, and listening to music that I can’t get enough of.

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Maine Travel Agencies

Travel agencies offer an excellent hassle-free holiday experience. They request the travel plans, hotels, sightseeing, and then any other requirements of the tourist. Maine is really a large condition, with sufficient to see and do, and planning for a trip alone could be a daunting task. Whether traveling for pleasure or business, there are lots of travel agencies that provide talking to and travel services appropriate for those budgets.

A few of the major travel agencies provide different highlighted around the condition, with lots of scenic attractions serving all types to vacationers. Travel Flair is a such agency supplying customized travel packages towards the condition. Located in Mission Viejo, California, Travel Flair provides a five- to 6-day tour from the condition including appointments with natural attractions for example Acadia Park, Lake Champlain, Plymouth Plantation, Catskills and Hudson River Valley. These attractions are for sale to about $180 to $200 each day. The travel specialists are pleased to help traveling corporate executives with travel and hotel plans.

Accent Travels is among the premiere travel agencies in Maine. They arrange vacation tours throughout the condition and encourage travelers with various itineraries to make contact with them. If at all possible, Accent Travel could work out handles hotels and airlines. There are lots of other small-scale travel agencies thrown concerning the condition. These agencies have a larger number of tours available given that they be aware of condition thorough. The folks of Maine love to visit through the condition, and one will discover a great deal using these agencies just about any season. Quest Travels, Windham, Sail Away Cruises and Travel, Westbrook, and Farmington Travels, Bangor are the reputed travel agencies popular for travel around Maine.

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Finding Cheap Travel Online

With air travel fares threatening to increase, plus with the price of happening vacation being at risk of growing, diligent families will find it more and more difficult to get affordable solutions. Cheap travel is important to that particular necessary break, permitting you to escape everything without getting to bother with the price. Fortunately, you may still find lots of cheap travel deals found online. Using the internet, you’ll find cheap travel solutions easier than ever before!

Online booking enables travel operators to reduce the middleman, to be able to cost travel a lot more cheaply. Making travel plans by doing this implies that no-one must spend the money for high-street offices or massive agency advertising which increase the price of travel. Online services can provide cheap visit customers who are ready to do a few of the work themselves, for instance by utilizing search engines like google to obtain the cheap travel solutions which suit their needs.

Should you decide the destination and also the routes you need to use to obtain there, you should use online services to locate cheap travel options that are additionally a cheap solution for that provider. You’ll most likely also discover that you enjoy getting additional control over managing your travel, with nobody providing you with hard sell or attempting to persuade you which you may really choose to travel elsewhere (most likely in a greater cost).

A budget travel solutions available online could work in many ways. Sometimes travel is affordable because it’s been stripped lower towards the basics – no-frills airlines are a good example of this, and economical accommodation solutions are frequently packaged alongside cheap travel. You can also offer cheap travel options by targeting them at very specific customers, for example by providing unusual cheap holiday destinations that might not attract the store bought.

Which means that you may enjoy cheap travel although doing something a bit more unusual – there are lots of cheap travel options which could get you to exotic locations that are relatively undiscovered. Other online businesses can provide cheap travel because website bookings can be created in the last second, enabling these to fill space on planes as well as in hotels which may well be left empty (but would still cost their proprietors money). Which means that internet booking can allow you to enjoy cheap travel even without having enough time to organise your trip. This will make booking cheap travel online an operating option, thinking about that booking through traditional travel agencies in the last second is generally not even close to an inexpensive option.

Cheap travel choices are there for you personally on the web, whether you are searching for any quiet city break on your own or perhaps a family holiday under the sun. You’ll be amazed in the cheap travel options available online. You will no longer need to bother about the expense of the vacation, because of the variety of cheap travel options open to you on the web.

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Traveling Agency-Create a Wise Choice

Don’t choose the next traveling agency through the cleverness from the sales call or even the glossiness from the ad. The travel agent remains the easiest and many utilized method to make travel arrangements of any sort. Despite the web and every one of the discount travel websites, people and companies still choose to make their travel plans via a traveling agency. Why? It doesn’t only save your time, this may also help you save money, and also the traveling agency can take you step-by-step through the procedure to help you get the perfect travel package wherever and when you’re traveling.

The ASTA (American Society of Travel Specialists) may be the organization that gives training and ongoing education for agents from the traveling agency that displays their emblem. This emblem may also be displayed by traveling agency online or anyone tour operator which has went through certification and training. Exactly why is all this information important? It’s important as you have a larger assurance of quality product and service delivery from this kind of traveling agency. The agents who operate in this kind of agency frequently have specialized learning business travel, cruises, Caribbean vacations, ski journeys, as well as other section of travel expertise.

Maybe you have received instructions or an appointment from the traveling agency suggesting you have “won” a vacation to some exotic location inside a fabulous resort and all you need to do would be to provide them with your charge card number for any small processing fee? You might have recognized this like a travel scam. Although not all scams are this apparent. Sometimes the company or agent will promise a beautiful travel package and you’ll not discover before you make it happen that the luxury hotel is the perfect the place to find roaches than people. You should check out these agents and agencies with the BBB or BBB On the internet and also with the ASTA. Just exercise extreme care if this seems like an offer that’s too good to be real.

Expect when you’re billed a little fee from your travel agent. This can be a necessary adaptation in the market to compensate for losing air travel commission along with other expenses. However the convenience and expertise might be well worth the added cost.

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